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    Trusted Mortgage Broker in Brampton

    At Mortgage Power Canada, we strive towards delivering professional mortgage services to our clients in and around the Brampton area. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

    Why choose the Mortgage broker in Brampton?

    • We offer the best mortgage rates

    • Quick approvals

    • Professional and expert advice

    • We operate within every guideline of the lending industry

    Need quick money to buy your dream house? Our reliable mortgage broker in Brampton can help you!

    Mortgage Power Canada has a wealth of experience providing clients with quick and easy first and second-hand mortgage products. We pride ourselves on having access to a large network base of lenders to meet your mortgage needs based on your financial situation. So, give us a call today to get the best rates.

    Our comprehensive mortgage services:

    • Home Equity Loan of Credit

      Commonly known as HELOC, This mortgage option is highly flexible and low interest. You can trade your home’s equity for quick cash to make additional improvements to your home. HELOC can be customized to suit your financial needs. Contact our team for further information or to apply.

    • Residential mortgages

      Are you a resident of Brampton looking to buy a house or a condo? Mortgage Power Canada offers a complete range of residential mortgage solutions to suit the needs of every homebuyer.

    • Commercial mortgages

      Looking to invest in commercial real estate in Brampton? Our expert professionals can help you by offering unbiased advice.

    • Refinancing your property

      We can make you save money every month by consolidating your high-interest debts into your mortgage. It gives you the freedom to make one payment each month, helping you save thousands of dollars on your interest payments. Contact a member of our team to find out more details.

    • Hassle-free mortgage renewals

      Renewing your mortgage can be stressful. Mortgage Power Canada can take the stress away from you by shopping for the best mortgage renewal options, ensuring you don’t renew your mortgage with a less than favourable mortgage rate or unfriendly terms.

    • First or second mortgages

      It can be quite a challenge getting a mortgage for your first property if you are dealing with a traditional lender. Mortgage Power Canada can get a home mortgage that suits your financial needs. We also help clients looking to take out a second mortgage on their home to pay for their child’s education or home improvements.

    Do not hesitate to contact our team to apply for a mortgage or to find out more information.

    We are on your side

    With years of experience in the trade, we can negotiate the best terms for your mortgage, which you may not get from banks and other financial organizations. Whether you have a poor credit history or if you are a self-employed individual, our team can get your mortgage approved as quickly and affordable as possible. For further details, contact our team today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I find a great mortgage deal in Brampton?

    The major cost that you will have to incur on a mortgage is the interest. A great deal on a mortgage offers you easy repayment terms and a lower interest rate.

    Can I get pre-approved for a mortgage in Brampton?

    Yes, you can get pre-approved for a mortgage through a mortgage broker. It gives you an indication as to how much you can afford to spend on a home.

    How does the mortgage approval process work?

    To get approved for a mortgage in Brampton, you must submit your mortgage application. After submission of the application, you will receive an initial approval. You can then proceed to complete the necessary paperwork to secure your mortgage.

    Schedule an appointment with the best mortgage broker in Brampton today. Call Mortgage Power Canada on 905-264-9499