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Get in touch with Mortgage Power Canada today for hassle-free mortgage solutions in Oshawa. We have a team of experienced and licensed professionals ready to discuss your mortgage needs and offer personalized mortgage solutions.


    Get Mortgages that are Tailored to Suit Your Needs

    If you’re looking to get a mortgage broker in Oshawa, Mortgage Power Canada is your one-stop solution for it all. From residential and commercial mortgages to refinancing existing mortgages, including second mortgages, we offer them all.

    As a Canadian company, based out of Toronto, we provide quick and easy mortgages for your convenience. At our legal and licensed firm, we offer loans ranging from smaller increments of a few thousand dollars to larger amounts in millions.

    Our Wide Range of Mortgage Services

    • Residential Mortgages : When you’re looking to buy a new home for yourself, getting a suitable mortgage is a great way to cushion your financial needs. Whether you’re buying a condo, a house, or a townhouse, you can find the right mortgage for your home with us!
    • Commercial Mortgages : Buying a new building, industrial or commercial unit, is now much easier with our custom-fit commercial mortgage options. You can count on us to provide you with the financial tools you require to ensure the continued success of your business.
    • First or Second Mortgage : If you’ve been in contact with various banks, you know how taxing it is to obtain a mortgage for your first property. At Mortgage Power Canada, we provide flexible and affordable mortgage options. Furthermore, we are second mortgage specialists as well! You can apply for a second mortgage with us, no questions asked.
    • Refinancing : Refinancing an existing mortgage can be a great way to add flexibility to your finances and save money every month by consolidating your debts into your mortgage. Through refinancing, you can also take advantage of low-interest rates as well as access the equity in your home. Reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation and our experts will guide you through the process of refinancing.
    • Mortgage Renewal : It is very important that you renew your mortgage in time. Ensure that you are aware of when your existing mortgage will mature, consider your financial goals, be ready for renewal in the 30 days of your current mortgage term, shop around, and make a decision. You can trust our professionals to guide you through all these steps and find the best fit for you.
    • Home Equity Line of Credit : A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is based only on the amount of equity built up in your home. With HELOC, you can now get access to your home’s equity in the form of a revolving line of credit, that allows you to use it as you deem fit. And guess what? You only pay for the funds you use.

    Second Mortgage Specialists

    At Mortgage Power Canada, we are second mortgage specialists. We can assist you in obtaining a second mortgage on your property. You can use this second mortgage for a range of financing needs, such as investment, debt consolidation, home improvements, find your way out of bad credit, and more! Reach out to our team today to learn more about second mortgages.


    Benefits of Obtaining a Mortgage

    There are various ways in which obtaining a mortgage will prove to be beneficial for you. They can help you in:

    • Debt consolidation
    • Buy a new property
    • Home renovation and upgrades
    • Paying back taxes
    • Pay off credit cards
    • Tax garnishments
    • Pay off loans
    • Start or expand your business
    • Pay your property taxes
    • Pay for a wedding
    • Buy a car
    • Take a vacation

    Reasons to Choose Us

    • We are legal and licensed to operate within all the guidelines of the lending industry
    • We offer quick and easy mortgages
    • Our lending programs are suitable for small and large financing needs
    • You can get up to 85% loan to value, or even 90% in some cases, depending on the value of your property

    You’ll be pleased to know that our application and decision process are prompt, simple, and easy to understand. We guarantee your privacy and confidentiality. Contact us at 905-264-9499 or Apply online on our website.